Questions about Mapping for Stranded Mod

Ok, I’ve already learned about creating custom textures, and i’ve implemented them already in the map I’m working on. The question is, Where and What are “Mat_grass”, Mat_sand" and the others? I’ve been looking through many Stranded Mod Tutorials and it never says anything about what they are or where i could find them. I’ve looked through the gamemode folder of Stranded, and I saw no sign of those textures.

Anyone know where I can find it? Or is it the same files, and you rename them, so they can be identified?

Oh and can I blend those textures and would they still work?

Why do you want mat_grass/mat_sand?

If they’re GMod textures, try the GMod GCF.

well gmstranded requires those textures so you can “forge and such” it mentions it a lot, and i have no idea what they are…

Link to the tutorial. I have a feeling they are a line you need to add to the end of the vmt of the material, but I’m not sure.

Mat_sand and Mat_grass relate to a section of code in Stranded that tells it what textures it can use for specific things.

Just use a texture that comes with HL2 or CSS and it should work.
If you really want to use a custom texture you’ll have to find that list in the gamemode’s folder and add the textures to it.

well, I do believe i am doing just that, but the it’s a blend texture…now that i think about it it’s also a displacement. could either of those mess it up?

Nope, not at all. It was intended to be used on blend textures and on displacements.
Should work fine.

well even stranger…i know i’m using two normal textures in the blend, so maybe i should try other one textures?