Questions about modelling

Hello there. I would probably have put this into the modelling section but my question is rather Garry’s Mod specific. I was hoping to start modelling weapons. Hopefully it will allow me to learn new skills that I can put to other things. I was wondering what modellers recommend as a modelling program. I hear many people prefer Cinema 4D. I also wanted to know if there were any videos that would give me a basic understanding of the programs and the controls. I also wanted information on how to compile models for Source Engine (Garry’s Mod). I don’t need a fully written tutorial, just some useful links.

Thank you for the help.

I’d recommend 3DS Max, but only because I’ve never used any other editors.
from what I can see on Valve’s wiki, Cinema 4D doesn’t work well for Source-specific modelling.
I don’t know of any good websites or channels that cover any editor you may pick, except for when it comes to general tutorials for 3DS Max - Pluralsight/Digital-Tutors has been recommended to me by my brother, who is fairly experienced with modelling in general. do note that you’ll need a paid subscription to get access to their tutorials, while there is a free trial-system.

for simple compiling, regardless of what editor you use:

you’ll need specific tools when it comes to which 3D editor you pick, which is covered in one of the articles linked to in the above article.

I’d recommend Blender since it’s free and I’ve used it for quite a few models. I also find it easier to use than 3ds max, especially since you’re usually using image textures for most models. There’s lots of Blender tutorials that you can find just by googling