Questions about running a new server

me and some friends are starting a server but we need lua coders.
i would like to know how much to pay a lua coder and if anyone here is interested. we will be running an rp server.

i charge 1500$ for each lua pm if interested

So, what are you making?
Serious Roleplay or just another DarkRP(ish) server?

It Really REALLY depends on the type of coding that you want and how much that *#(%%$^ is charging for it. Honestly , I host a server for all my friends and Internet players too and it runs Great , with or without custom scripts.
(Its a build server with a couple of Gamemodes too)

But… you might as well learn LUA coding yourself its really worth it! =D

A serious rp. We are desciding on the game mode to run now.

Cider for seriousRP would be my choice.

Could you link me to a thread about cider or a download please?