Questions about the current donation system.

Well, the title seems a little bit… invalid if you ask me.

However, before I become a gold member, I want to be sure about a couple of things.

1# Where do I donate to become a gold member, is it up at the ‘Buy Upgrades’ button? if so, what option do I choose? do I become a gold member whatever I choose to buy?

2# How often does garry post keys in the gold forum, am I sure that I can get a key from it because that’s why I will donate.

3# Once I’m a gold member, will I be it permanent or temporary?


Gold member can be purchased through boostar.
Although right now the store is down, and garry seems to have stopped selling gold member.
Once you have gold member, you have it forever. Although you still can be banned and demoted.
Also, buying gold member will have no effect on whether or not you get a rust key.
Rust keys are rarely given out, and that is mostly through competitions.
Also, don’t sign your posts. Your name is right there.

You will not get a Rust key if you buy Gold member.As stated in the sticky,the keys aren’t being given out anymore,but the devs will come up with a fun way to give them out.
Also,as stated by Samg,you can no longer buy Gold member.

“Also, don’t sign your posts. Your name is right there.” HAHAHA LOL


You are an idiot.

But yea, guys above me has posted everything you need to know.

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