Questions About the HL:S NPCS

First, one thing I’ve noticed about the default Half Life 1 npcs is that the ones that use guns (the human grunt, assassin, and the security guard) do very little damage with the exception of grenades. Basically, if any of them (mainly the human grunt and assassin) would go against any other npc, two things would happen: They would get slaughtered by the opposing npc, or they would shoot at the npc for a very long time until it’s killed. So is there any way to change the damage they do with their guns? I know about the sk_npc_dmg_ command, but none of them seem to work on them. Also, I know about Half Life Renaissance, but I’d rather not download it.

Secondly, I’ve noticed in some of the HL1 maps, there are grunts that use their shotgun instead of the MP5 and I’d like to know if there was a way to spawn them.

I’d really appreciate an answer to either of these questions! Thanks in advance!

You should be able to spawn the hgrunts with shotguns if you just set the NPC weapon to the shotgun.

No, that doesn’t really seem to work. Even when the all npcs have shotguns they still use their MP5s.