Questions about the new DarkRP for Gmod 13.

I was wondering if i could get an answer to the following questions:

1.) Salary spams all players, meaning they gain about 1 mil in 2 minutes… Is everyone experiencing this? Is it just the update?
2.) Whats the base code to create custom vehicles to appear in the entities menu?
3.) How would i go about making donator jobs/entities with ulx now? ive tried the default code for detecting donators with jobs, and it just makes no jobs show in the f4 menu.
4.) Is there a working keypad cracker?

All help and support is very much appreciated.

1.) It should be fixed if you have the latest DarkRP update?

How to add custom vehicles:
go ingame, type rp_getvehicles for available vehicles!
AddCustomVehicle(<One of the vehicles from the rp_getvehicles list>, <Model of the vehicle>, <Price of the vehicle>, <OPTIONAL jobs that can buy the vehicle>)
AddCustomVehicle("Jeep", "models/buggy.mdl", 100 )
AddCustomVehicle("Airboat", "models/airboat.mdl", 600, {TEAM_GUN})
AddCustomVehicle("Airboat", "models/airboat.mdl", 600, {TEAM_GUN, TEAM_MEDIC})

3.) If you follow the guide on the gamemode’s website, they will show.
4.) I don’t know.

ms333 obviously hasn’t been around DarkRP for a long time.

Fix to problem 1. The recent update broke a couple of things which is causing a lot of problems. The fix to the payday spam is this; . Just download that and put it into your addons folder as is.

I read about the thing on github, but my server has been for several reasons and I haven’t been able to test it out.

That’s the old format for custom vehicles though? Do they still work or no?

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Would this fix the property tax spam aswell?

And for number 3? Donator jobs?