Questions about "Unable to shade polygon normals"

I have some questions about the “Unable to shade polygon normals” error

1.If you got it and bought GMOD, how would that happen?

2.How was it put into the game? How does it actually work?

3.How could I make the error happen if I bought the game?

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I did have it happen to me before. But you only get it if you pirate it. Thing is I didn’t pirate my copy, but I did get the error around the time that piracy protection was added in.

Link us to your Steam account first, yo.

according to another thread, where he linked his steam profile, he does actually own gmod, and that thread was also a common gmod-pirating question, so i dunno, maybe it’s just his fetish

How do we know that was actually his profile though :v:

If you have any other steam cracks in your Steam folder and so on, that’ll cause the error as well.

I’ll link the account later, in school right now.

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I’m probably just gonna post it with one of their computers.

I want to make this error happen, if I downloaded a pirated version and left steam open, would the error happen? When I delete the fake version, will the error continue to occur? Also, will a mod ban me if I actually do it?

Screenshot of such a tiny section of your profile won’t work, bud.

Put “Hi FP!” in your description/about me and actually link the profile.

I don’t want to give out my Steam profile information on facepunch and I can’t use Steam right now because my client isn’t working.

Then tough shit, we can’t answer you.

[sp]Sounds like a bunch of horse shit you’re feeding us anyways[/sp]

How is it horse shit? You think I pirated the game?


Apart from a community link to your profile means nothing other than you have a valid profile.

For example, here’s mine -

Found the profile, it’s private :v:

The main reason people think you’re full of shit is because you start multiple threads asking “is this illegal”, and in one of those threads this actually happened:

And in another thread, you asked:
“If you downloaded the game content of a game from a website and didn’t buy the game to Mount the content, could that be considered stealing?”

So yeah, you’re not making a good case for yourself.

That doesn’t change anything! What if it’s not my profile and I just linked it? :pwn:

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Nvm, I guess that’s enough proof, you wanted my steam link, and you got it! Can I get some answers now?!

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Well you CAN get it

…it’s private, so it’s not like I got anything from looking at your profile.
But because you “asked” what if it’s not your profile, it just makes me wonder more about the subject, wanting to ask things like:

If that isn’t your profile, would you need link someone else’s profile?

If that is your profile, why are you afraid of showing it? I highly doubt that you’ll get any sort of spam and the like.

I’m not afraid lol, I just don’t see why I need to set it to public. I only want to show my profile to my friends because only they need to be going to my page, also, I really don’t want people to see my friends.

What does the full error say, it says something at the end of it. The numbers at the end help fix the problem. You’ll need to post it here to get help

Example; “Engine Error:Unable to shade polygon normals(#################)”

Unable to shade polygon normals(00000000000000000), they don’t say nothing. How do you know If got the error or not? And what do the numbers at the end do anyway?