Questions about various Roleplay Gamemodes, From a Developer

Hi. Within only the last few days have I been checking out various roleplay gamemodes for the first time. What do you think is the most popular or best roleplay gamemode in distribution right now, and why?

I want to know what you think makes a roleplay gamemode good.

In terms of use DarkRP is the best, but it is very unrestricted, and very very easy to abuse. from a players point of view I have found Cakescript to be one of the best scripts I have used. It’s not very easy to abuse, not very easy to break (so long as you aren’t a complete fool). It just works.

To make a RP gamemode worthwhile it needs to be as bare as possible really, the features being added to the new ones are just bloat that we can live without, but the kids who thinking shooting everything in sight is RP will disagree. You only needs the basics, money, stamina of some sort, a way of separating people into factions/ jobs, and a way of owning property. Weapons are a good idea for a source of crime, but they need to be hard to get your hands on, think of it like a real life situation, you can’t just walk into any shop and request a gun there and then, you have to wait, and then pay out of the ass for just the weapon, let alone the ammo.

Keep it clean and simple, and it would be enough to keep the GOOD roleplayers happy (TnB roleplayers aren’t good, neither are half of PERP or other big communities mind you). If you want a opinion from good roleplayers you should ask people who have used/ still use Melonbrew/ catscript/ whatever it is, they tend to be excellent roleplayers.

Hate to say it but…DarkRP is the most popular.

It is NOT the best. The best ones are never taken up by servers because its too risky (might not be popular enough)

If you can break this horrible cycle, then I will take my hat off to you.

I definitely think there are elements which keep a gamemode balanced, but also make it entertaining to stay hooked into. I was thinking about certain aspects of RuneScape but bare with me, only very specific elements, such as leveling, as well as an account system. I’m not looking to port an entire game or anything.

I’m just saying that if you give players things which make their in-game player more valuable to keep, then they’ll want their character to grow.

This also brings up certain aspects such as global accounts, heading to one server, then another, and your information stays.

Different players have a different idea of what they want in a roleplaying script.

There are definitely 2 camps:

  • Those that want to roleplay a HL2 scenario with a strict limitation of what is allowed, and a little imagination required (such as: pressing E on a soda can prints “/me drinks the soda…”) (this goes all the way back to the Zork style text based roleplay games and cuts out the 3D action while focusing on an imagined story or scenario). For these roleplayers, THEY are playing the role and the script should stay out of the way.

  • Those that want the script to define their roleplay experience a little more, introducing penalties for not eating food, or enforced punishments such as jail. DarkRP does this, while at the same time allowing more unrestricted access to GMod’s standard features by default - this makes it more familiar to new players who expect things like prop spawning menus to exist, and is likely to be more popular as a result. As such, many players will treat it as they do GMod and shoot things, blow things up and generally minge about. For these roleplayers, the script DEFINES their roleplay and many of the players will push the script to breaking point (and often the server, too)

philxyz, I want to thank you, that’s extremely valuable insight. I hadn’t thought of it this way. If anyone else can provide anymore points of view on the subject, please do. It’s rather early here, and I’ve been up all night, as a result, I cannot think through a more extensible response. I did, however, want to express my gratitude, for sure. Thank you, greatly.