Questions and a few suggestions about my map.

Those are the screens I have so far, its not great, the outer windows look shitty, my elevator has a really bright light on it ect. Its just a W.I.P.

I cannot get my elevator to work (I don’t know how to make a working elevator in the first place)

So questions:

1: How do I get my elevator to work, I also need the gear I made that is attached to the elevator spin at the same speed the elevator is moving.

2: Duststorms above the surface, with a camera shake.

3: How should I improve my outer windows, I don’t want anything really special.

Leave replies with suggestions, tell me if you see any problems, ideas to further progress the map; like what I should add ect.

Thanks everyone.

PS: Sorry for no image tags, I don’t use them very often, so I don’t remember the code.

Map is incredibly blocky for how much structure you have, you have the same fucking texture everywhere, a pure eyesore. There is no optimisation at all (no nodraw textures for a start)

This shouldn’t need a thread, post it in the pimpage like everybody else.

As for an elevator, here:

Infact, watch all of my tutorials and others:

Also, for goodness sake use a different sky box:

All in all a pretty bad map even for a first attempt, just watch some tutorials first, then attempt a new map. or recreate this one.

Stay away from 3kliksphillip.

When adding textures, think about their application. Look at images on the internet, for bunkers i use

Add detail in the form of metal supports and beams. Check out these windows

Add pipes, cables, equipment. old vehicle parts, anything that fits with your scene and creates atmopshere. Add signs of life, a coffee cup, a broken plate, a stain on the floor.

I’ll just throw this site out there too…its a new site i found, sio i’m endorsing it a bit:

Seems you were bing too harsh for an early W.I.P. I know its blocky, thats why I came here for suggestions, I have an original skybox because its not finished. Its a bad map because I have only been working on it for around two hours :confused:

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Thanks, as for signs of life, the setting is in an abandoned bunker. On the map I had various other props placed, but when I decomp. they don’t appear. Nevertheless, thanks :slight_smile:

Why are you decompiling?

“It’s only WIP” or “I have been working on it for two hours” isn’t really an excuse, you came here for advice etc, we give it to you, it may sometimes be in a harsh manner but we just want to help. Honest. :slight_smile:

Damn big images, missed that little comment. If you post here it means you want feedback, if you don’t want feedback, dont post. Also, for quick answers, consider searching the vdc, youtube, or the mappers encyclopedia, found at the top of the page.

I tried to get my Cog working on the elevator, it spins sideways and doesn’t follow the elevator, suggestions?

If you can wait until 6:30PM GMT then I can sort that for you if you let me have access to the vmf, steam name is: bounty1230

Parent the prop to a func_rotating, and the func to the elevator. Then change the flags so it spins on the x or y axis.

I did everything, but I missed where I could change what axis it spins on, thanks.

Those are some nice 1920x1080 screenshots.

How much did that monitor cost you?

Your a fucking tool for posting off topic. As to your question; I have no idea, it was a Christmas gift in 2008. Every picture I have ever taken from my computer, including my Photobucket are all in that res; just as proof, your never prone to believing me.