Questions concerning EP2

I just bought HL2 EP2 for my pc (i have it for ps3) for the Gmod parts, and now i have a couple of questions:

  1. Why doesnt the air filter move around and the engine vibrate, like on the orange box on my ps3?
  1. Why doesnt my zombine have any sounds or textures?

The jalopy is a little busted in Gmod. Notice how you’re also sitting much lower in the car than Episode 2.

As for the Zombine textures, go to your steam games list, right-click on Ep2, click properties, then the “local files” tab and click “Verify integrity of game cache”. It searches for any missing files and downloads them for you.

verifying didnt work :frown:

do i need ep1?

Shouldn’t do. There are zombines in Ep2.

You’re not using any custom skins are you?

i dont think so, because i just bought ep2. Meaning, i didnt have zombines before now.
But, i did have this:

could it be interfering?

Yes, it will be. Remove that.

Ok, thanks.


Fuck, i removed it, but it still doesnt show up…


someone respond please.

Goto steamapps/username/garrysmod and rename the “Garrysmod” folder within that to “garrysmodold”
Then launch Gmod. You’ll be presented with a clean, vanilla install. Then just copy whichever addons you want to keep from your garrysmodold to your new garrysmod folder.

I love you :buddy:

All i need now is my favorite guns and NPC’s, and im good to go!