Questions for Mac users

Hey guys :slight_smile:

So, just wondering how the new rust is holding out on Mac?. Last time I updated rust via steam was around November 2014 and the new rust just wasn’t working at all on my MacBook. It loaded after a few start up attempts but was laggy as hell. Rust legacy used to work beautifully on my Mac but since then rust experimental didn’t seem to work for me since its initial release. Just wondering if any of you Mac players have had any success playing since any updates past November 2014?.

Any update would really be appreciated. Any ‘well there’s you problem, you have a Mac’ or any other of those regurgitated generic Mac hate comments would not be appreciated.

Thanks again!

Precursor X


On my Macbook, in Bootcamp the New Rust runs decently but only if I turn off shadows and put graphics on low. I am pretty sure trying to run it in Mac OS would be much, much worse (unplayable). I have 8 GB ram, i5 and Intel Iris. Also, there were a bunch of reports recently of bugs running Rust in MacOS.

Legacy runs good for me too on my Macbook.

Ok thanks bro. So they still haven’t addressed it.

It’s not unplayable, however it is a very ugly game on Macs if you want it to be playable at the moment, unfortunately. I have 16GB RAM, i7 and Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB.

I will have to try it, but I have a feeling the FPS might make the game unplayable on my Macbook. Mine is like yours with 8GB ram and an i5. Using Bootcamp works ok for me though.

What is your FPS with this system?

Rust on ANY laptop - be it Mac or Windows - is going to perform poorly unless you have a high end laptop with a good dedicated GPU. Perhaps it’ll be playable on more midrange machines once it’s all optimized, but for the time being, I don’t think most general purpose laptops will be able to run it effectively.

Legacy runs great on newer laptops. I don’t think anyone is talking about low end, business laptops.

At some point FP will probably need to look if the Mac version needs some attention - unless they suddenly decide to make this a PC only game.

New Rust and legacy are 2 different games on different versions of Unity. Legacy has far lower system requirements. I can run it on my laptop easily with good frame rate, but experimental is basically a slide show.

With everything switched off/low it’s around 35-40 FPS.