Questions for the DarkRP

Hi. I’m trying to make an automatic gunshop in the DarkRP for the gundealer.
Is this possible to an entity to spawn an ak47 shipment? if yes, can you help me? thanx.

You want to make an ENT that spawns a shipment? So an ENT that spawns an ENT?..

well, i see on many RP a screen (so I think an ENT) who spawns shipments so yeah.
a friend send me that:
[lua] local crate = ents.Create(“spawned_shipment”)
crate.SID = ply.SID
crate.dt.owning_ent = ply
crate:SetContents(1, 10, 100)

crate.nodupe = true
crate:Spawn() [/lua]



rp is bad

it’s not for a server, it’s personnal. it’s like i will get an achievement if i made it!

But you’re not making it…?

i don’t know how

Look here it is, rp is bad and if you realize rp is bad you will be smart. You won’t have to make an automatic gunshop instead you will be able to make gamemodes that people will actually enjoy and not pretend to like, once you realize rp is bad.

If you don’t like RP, stop posting that you don’t like RP in every single thread and leave.

But it’s so bad.

So go away then, you are just posting shit at every rp thread i do not understand why you go there anyways, your answer will not change the roleplays fate.

What I say about rp may not change the weak and feeble mind’s view on it, but I can at least attempt to save the Gmod community.

Some people actually enjoy roleplay believe it or not, that’s why it exists.

Okay time to be serious, I’m not trying to troll anyone. But answer me this, I understand if people like rp I get that. What I don’t understand is why we need hundreds of different types of roleplays. One or two roleplays is plenty enough, if people in the Gmod community would devote their time with coding to other types of gamemodes we wouldn’t have this rp problem. But it seems that everyone is just dedicating all this time to rp and more rp. Think of how much better Garry’s Mod would be if the roleplay was stopped. Do we really want Gmod13 to become roleplay infested too?

Stop it biggles, I don’t want another Noxian in Facepunch to get banned.

RIP Swag_Paste, you will always be with us.


Long live the kingdom of Nox! Thank you for the concern but I am not trying to upset anyone, I am looking for a honest answer.

Rest in peace brave Noxian Prince… may your beliefs live on… Swag_Paste.

Perhaps it’s because not every RP gamemode is every roleplayer’s cup of tea? this is why DarkRP is so popular. Someone joins server. likes the gamemode but doesn’t like the RP on the server. so he goes and creates his own server. and this keeps happening spawning all these servers with the same gamemode with “custom” stuff, that,s not really custom at all, but rather just models and other crap downloaded from

there are so many rp gamemodes because people fight to have the best and most enjoyable rp gamemode so that they will get player population, yes other gamemodes are good to have but since so many people play on RP gamemodes they wont just stop useing them they will probally expand and as a few better rp gamemodes come out of it people will keep useing those, slowly the bad rp gamemodes will die, and there are plenty of other servers with gamemodes that arnt rp for you to play on,