Questions For the Developers

Well now since that’s out of the way… This is a thread to ask the developers of Rust (Garry, Helk, etc) questions or concerns about the game, or how certain aspects of the game work. No questions will be considered dumb, so post away! my hope is that this thread becomes popular enough for Helk to notice so he can get on here and answer questions… so its up to you… the people of the Rust forums to get this thread on that level.

I’ll start it off by asking this: How will this decay system I’ve been hearing about actually work? will player generated content, like bases and houses, start to decay or fade away after awhile? If so, how will the system be able to tell whether a base is being used or not? or will everything decay eventually, and you have to repair or fix up bases every once and while? Or am I just talking out of my ass, and none of this will happen?