Questions from a newbie moviemaker

Hi there!

I’m currently working on a Gmod movie, but I have now encountered some problems with some effects I want to achieve - but don’t know how to do!

Question 1: How do you make a ragdoll swing it’s arms and legs wildly, while still keeping the ragdoll in the same place? An example of what I want can be seen in this movie at 3:13:

Question 2: Do there exist some kind of airblast effect? For example, I want a ragdoll to scream so hard, that he blasts anyone and anything away in front of him - tables, chairs, pictures on the wall, ragdolls, and so on. I wan’t to record all the things getting blasted away, but don’t know how to make this effect.

Any help with the questions would be very appreciated! :slight_smile:

1: Thrusters?
2: You could no-grav everything around the ragdoll. I’m not sure how to make everything actually move away though. You could try regular thrusters or something like fan tool from conna’s tools.

  1. Use the physics gun to freeze all the other parts and then attach thrusters to its arms and legs. Remember to make the thruster show no effect and have no sound. You can make it invisible with the Colour tool
  2. See GunskiMod’s post.

Question 2: Get the WireMod Extras SVN, inside is a Field Generator. Set it to “Repulse”, then fire away :buddy:

Thanks for the replies, guys! I have downloaded Conna’s Tools to try out the fan, but this - and some of the other tools, don’t work. :frowning:

I placed the extracted folder in my “addons” folder, and I have HL2, CS:S, HL: EP 1 and 2 installed. I keep getting an error in the top of my screen after I have placed the fan. You can see a screenshot here:

If you really want it easy, thruster everything.

I thought of that, but how would I go about keeping everything in place when I have frozen the positions on the ragdolls, for example? If I unfreeze them, they just fall down. If I make them a statue, it will look stupid when they are blasted away. I can’t thruster anything as long as it’s frozen.

The same goes for all the props in the scene. If there is just the slightest collision when I unfreeze the stuff - thing are gonna fly around. :frowning:

I don’t understand what you want, I’m guessing its this:
You want a guy screaming around like the dude at 3:13 in the video. his scream will blast away all props and ragdolls that you have set up in front of him.

If so do this:

If you just freeze lower body/legs, you can still thruster the arms/upper body. The way he got it to look like it moves in two parts is that he welded the arms/hands to the upper body. Have his thrusters set on numpad 1.

For the props have them set on numpad 2. To have ragdolls sitting around and then get blasted away, no collide them and a big wooden box, stick em inside, weld em together, no color the box. Presto. When you have numpad 2 thrusters all attached, to the arms and legs of the ragdolls/props they should blow away and the ragdolls will fall over and flail away assuming you welded the heads of the ragdolls to the invisible box.

Probably more complicated than it should be, but it gets the job done.