Questions @ Function Parameters

If I have a function that uses a and b in the parameters when I call the function does it matter what the name of the variable is or how it is placed?

function test(a, b)
print(tonumber(a) + tonumber(b))

num1 = 8
num2 = 2
test(8, 2)

Basically what I did above?

The name of the arguments of a function are not affected by and do not affect the parameters passed to the function when called. The position of the argument does matter however, the order that they are in the function definition is the order in which they need to be passed to the function.

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[lua]function Foo(a, b)

Foo(5, 2) – a=5, b=2
Foo(2, 5) – a=2, b=5[/lua]