Questions on Cheatpunch

I run a dedicated server listed on the community list, vanilla although I do run RustIO. My question is in regards to cheatpunch. It seems like there has been very little updates or otherwise information since 2014 on cheatpunch. All I know is I can force it to run with the -cheatpunch command during startup. I understand this should be something kept quiet for obvious reasons, but where is the info for server owners? Will this put me into a modded category? Does it even work anymore? I want to run this alongside EAC if the pros outweigh the cons. Thoughts?

Cheatpunch was never intended to be a super-durable anticheat, it was a simple statistics and logging tool that garry realized could also work as a simple anticheat. It was bypassed by all major payhacks after about a week after garry revealed its capabilities, but before then, it banned >5000 cheaters permanently. It also hasn’t been relevant since Legacy.

Thanks for the quick reply. Do official servers still run cheatpunch?

If they do it’s for the logging and enforcing the banlist cheatpunch compiled in that narrow window between deployment and being bypassed, and not any sort of active anticheat detection capabilities (since it was simple to bypass and garry expected it to be bypassed about as quickly as it was). I kind of doubt it but I’m not a dev nor a server admin so it’s not something I’ve actually gotten involved with. Note that there’s a difference between enforcing cheatpunch’s banlist and actually running cheatpunch itself as an active logging process, and I don’t know that one requires the other.

In the event that running your server with the default security options doesn’t enforce cheatpunch’s banlist, it shouldn’t actually be that big of a deal, because it’s a two-year-old banlist for roughly 5,500 old accounts who cheated in Rust Legacy, and it’s likely that many of them are not playing Rust on those accounts anymore. By default, Rust is protected by VAC and EAC (and Cheatpunch’s banlist maybe?), two actively-maintained and updated anticheats.

I appreciate the detailed responses. You have helped clear up all the confusion left behind by two year old dead threads. Your response reminded me of when cheatpunch came out, I can’t believe we’ve been playing Rust this long! Anyways, sounds like I won’t be using cheatpunch then.