Questions on Decay

Logged in today to see that my base was sieged, with stairs going up my building. This was impossible I thought, I put foundations with center pillars all around the base…it wasn’t possible to make a foundation that close.

I looked outside to see that all 8 foundations I had placed outside were gone without a trace.

So how long does it take for a plain simple foundation with a pillar in the middle to decay? Is it possible that I can formulate a list of what objects will decay in what time (like walls, doors, etc.)?
I think many people would like to know. Now I got to hatchet down 4 sets of stairs.

I posted this thread since no-one else has seemed to ask this question.

Read the Decay sub-title. It’s basically 24 hours then your house starts decaying. By opening a door or lighting a camp fire, you can restart the decay timer.

Hope this helps,


It takes about 5 days for the parts to fully decay though

Sounds to me that might have happened. I placed those platforms roughly Saturday.

So do we know exactly what the deal with decay is? My shack was gone within 24 hours which I gather is not uncommon. I built a small hut out of walls pillars doorway foundation and ceilings, whats the decay rate on that? From what I hear touching the door or campfire will delay decay for a time. Basically I have gained a foothold and wonder what I can do to avoid losing it.