Questions on the Rust Picture Contest

This thread is just questions about the rules. This means DON’T talk about keys and how you didn’t receive and so on. If you do you may get banned and enough people have been banned from pre-alpha Rust. My question are you allowed to post multiple pictures and if not how do you select the one you what out of the ones you posted? Thanks-Epic

It doesn’t say anything about it, so it should be fine…
I have seen alot posting 2-5 pictures.

Whats concerning is that Garry said, “draw a picture.” Keyword- A

I’m sure if he only wanted for us to draw one picture between us he would have stated so in the rules.

This is what I have to say. Everyone who drew a picture is waiting for some sort of sign. Tons of people are clueless and don’t know if their pictures were good enough. As said in the rules you will get a pm with the key if it was. On the other hand there are hundred of posts and they may not be done looking at them. Garry and whoever else in charge of judging these pictures don’t have time to give hundreds of people answers. Be patient and don’t get angry. If you are stubborn and determined keep on making those pictures and make them good. I myself thought my pictures were good. Other people may not believe that your picture is good. They have set the bar at a high level and if you want a beta key you have to pull yourself over that bar. I’m going to continue until Garry ends the contest and if your stubborn too, you should as well. -Epic

To be fair, it didn’t say that your picture has to be good, they just have to like it

Honestly guys, at this point, I would just stop trying. There’s about 500-600 posts a day. That’s about 6-7 page updates. I doubt you’re going to get a key at this rate. Plus, the contest never said “Draw a picture and win a key”, It’s just You MAY or MAY NOT, win a key. So stop making threads asking for keys, you’re just making all the new sign up people look bad, like you all only signed up to post a picture then cry about how you didn’t get a key.

Posted a new one based on what I see when I click the back arrow…

Dude as he said theres over 600 posts in that thread on average. Garry and his crew don’t care that much to look through all those digging out what you think is pablo pickasso’s latest rendition of Rust.

 Just wait for the game to enter open beta or something of the sorts. Stop watching Lets Plays of it and this overpowering desire to "rust4life" will fade away. It will make it much more rewarding to stop hyping the game and wait for it to come out. Hype destroys how much you can enjoy a new game due to the fact you probably expected it to be alot better.

 No offense to Garry, I'm sure rust is fun and all, but overhyping a game usually creates flawed ideas of how it will be once its released :v: