Questions regarding PERP

Hello everyone.

Lately I’ve heard of this… PERP thing for GMod, what is it? I’ve done some searching and f, but found nothing that I trust to download, or just seem fake.

Some say it’s “illegal” or “leaked”. I’ve found a less than adequate info about PERP2.5, and little to no info about PERP3. Now, I see something called PERP5.

So what is this? Is it possible to find anywhere? If so, any information leading to this add-on would be greatly appreciated.

lol norweigan bots

isn’t perp that roleplay gamemode conna made and tried to sell it for $, or am i thinking of something else?

Perp is a attempt at making a realistic RP, something like that. Also, this kinda stuff goes in the Gmod section, and sorry to say, you will be banned for probably a day.

This person is new, he only wanted to ask something. Spare his ban record.

Welcome to Facepunch!

There is a section right under the “General Games Discussion” where it says Garry’s Mod. Ask questions regarding that there.

Allright, thank you mate. Apologies for the inconvenience.