Questions regarding PERP

Hello everyone.

Lately I’ve heard of this… PERP thing for GMod, what is it? I’ve done some searching and only heard some rumors about it being some sort of RP gamemode, but found nothing that really said anything about it, nor any possible download links.

Some say it’s “illegal” or “leaked”. I’ve found a less than adequate info about PERP2.5, and little to no info about PERP3. Now, I see something called PERP5.

So what is this? Is it possible to find anywhere? If so, any information leading to this add-on would be greatly appreciated.

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If you are looking to host a server with it on… don’t waste your time.

I’m not planning to host, mate. I just want to join in on what everyone seems to say is the best RP mod for the game. In any case, what else would you recommend?

PERP is a rather Passive-RP focused gamemode for Gmod. It’s been leaked multiple times online as well as if I recall correctly. PERP isn’t necessarily the best RP-Gamemode (I’m not sure which is) but I recommend you give it a shot. The main annoyance in PERP is that you have to waste time before you can get a job and even then there’s not that much to do.

Also PERP stands for Pulsar Effect RolePlay

Well I’d love to try it out, but I have no clue where to find a trustworthy download. Not even has got one, afaik.

Join a server and you’ll download the necessary files.

Just make sure that if you ever raid someone to be recording your screen. A lot of idiots do dumb things when they are being raided and almost always get away with it because the raiders have no proof.

Allright thanks, and could you elaborate what you mean by “raiding”?

Basically raiding is killing another gang for their weed so you can sell the weed for money and get more cars.

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= gang wars not rp

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And as the other guy said, just DL the files from any server and get the map from or if you PM me I will upload of zip of any map you need.

Basically, a community that was full of drama, had a nice game mode and got hacked and the gamemode leaked and now kids are rolling in money from the leaked gamemodes and Pulsar effect didn’t take anyone to court.

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And for some reason, the reply ended up in the quote. |: here is all perps . (not made by me i just found it )

If you want perp then use it only in singleplayer game.