Questions Regarding Rust

Hello, Before you Read on let me just state that i am/will not be begging for a rust key. i will purchase the game when it is available. as much as i would love to try this game watching streamers has been a complete blast as well!
but i have a few questions i would love some insight on from someone who has played.
Q: Any Date On When Rust Will be open to the publicto purchase/play?a little over a week ago i discovered this game from a very good friend of mine who streams the game. and it looks amazing! I Have had the once awesome game turned greedy abomination hackerfest Infstation:Survivor Stories A.K.A The War Z and this game looks better in early stage then war z has in 6 months + i have been actively following thi games development and watch it every single day being played on summit1g’s Stream! it looks so fun and i am very excited to join you all in the game! Everyone who has the game enjoy!
Regards, Damdoza.

(User was banned for this post ("Didn't read the sticky/undescriptive thread title" - postal))

The game is in fucking alpha. Stop asking for a god damn release date. You know what

April 23 2014

You happy now?

You should really learn a little damn respect for other people.

He wasn’t asking for keys, he’s new but that doesn’t mean you can treat him badly. He’s just curious as all - and wants to play the game like most people. Cut him some slack. there is no release date. I’m not being harsh he just didn’t read the sticky.