Questions regarding workshop and fastdl


This question has probably been brought up quite frequently, but I haven’t seen much of an answer regarding my question in particular. To preface my question, I want to state the I have an issue similar to servers who host a lot of downloads; I need an efficient way for players to download my files without spending 25 minutes sitting at a loading screen. With the workshop, this is the obvious answer, but it’s so unpredictable that I can’t waste another day fiddling around with it. Rather, I’m going to turn to you guys hoping someone has gone through this issue before.

To begin, I’ve noticed a weird pattern which leads me to my first question. When you download content off of the workshop, you can only assume that that content will now be available to you. This (in most cases) is true. If you download a single playermodel from the workshop, you can use it’s model/material directory to give players this model. One very weird thing I stumbled into while fiddling around. When I had around 20+ playermodels in a “pack”, I uploaded them to the workshop, and integrated them with my pointshop. From someone who tested it with me, it seemed that they could see all models without errors like normal - as could I. However, upon adding more things to this workshop item, such as other materials/models for the pointshop, it suddenly broke. This raises the question: If you have variety in your steam workshop addon, does it remove it’s functionality? I can’t be sure if I worded that right, but hopefully you’ll understand.

Last question I had. Is there a way to force workshop content onto your players? I think it’s rater annoying that in order to get content from the workshop to work between server and client, they’ll have to subscribe to it. I know this question kinda contradicts my question above, but stick with me. In the question above you’ll notice I said that the player who tested this with me saw all the models. He saw all the models without subscribing to the content. This is extremely strange to me, and I can’t find any documentation on it that would solve this for me.

This has little-to-nothing do with pointshop ‘issues’, so please don’t rant about how I should or shouldn’t use it.

Is the issue related to Lua?

The compressed file-size can not exceed 64MB. It may be over-sized, the files within may be corrupted due to one to many different reasons, or any number of other errors could’ve occurred.

Show us the code you’re using to add the workshop item for client to dl. It can also be that the client didn’t update the file automatically for some strange reason.

If you have the server set to auto-download / mount the addons from a collection, then you can have them downloaded to the client easily:


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Here’s the tutorial:

I’ll try splitting up my workshop item into multiple parts, and do it very very carefully. This sounds like a promising answer. As far as how I’m getting the users to download the addon, I’m added this to my srcds parameters:

+host_workshop_collection id_here

and I added this in resources.lua located in …/lua/autorun


I don’t have access to my server right now, thanks for the answer!