Questions related with RUST and STEAM

I read the FAQ but there is not have answer. My questions are related with the STEAM functions and the RUST.

  1. In future the RUST will had available achievements and **Steam Trading cards ** ?
  2. In the STEAM store the RUST will be possible to purchase two pack or four pack for friends ?
  3. In future to RUST will be available DLC or other paid content like cap ?
  4. Spread to fires or water will be available ?
  1. Almost certain
  2. Likely
  3. At the discretion of Facepunch
  4. What?

Won’t happen until 1.0 release maybe

  1. Yes.
  2. Unknown.
  3. Unknown.
  4. Unknown.

Given the early stage the game development is at, the developers might not even know the answers to the last three questions yet.

  1. I have on mind that you can take water to bucket or burn house ?
    Thanks for answer.