Questions: Server Host, DarkRP, etc.

Hello I have finally found the time to return to server running in Garry’s Mod. I would like to know answers to the following to keep this simple:

  • What is the BEST [Top notch ping/NO crashing or lag] host out there that isn’t unreasonably high priced? ( I used to do NFO)
  • Should I get a VPS or just rent a server from said host? ( Possibly 3 in the future but 1 server for now)
  • Are there any new important ways of doing things or breakthroughs since about 1-2 years ago?
  • How does one get the up to date DarkRP game mode? (Yes I should google it, but its 3 am and im sleeping after this :))
  • Is there any new useful creation tools nowadays such as the old job generator?
    Feel free to add any helpful suggestions or possible tools/ideas!

PS: I don’t expect every person to answer an essay on all this XD Just answering one or two is greatly appreciated!

One last complicated question if anyone has the answer:

  • How do I work on my server in single player mode when I don’t have a host selected yet so I can be prepared to simply drag and drop most of it?

For first question, I’d probarly say GMCHosting.
For the second question, if you’re just getting one server I’d say just rent one server.
For the third question, I don’t think so?
For the forth question, use Fptje’s github. ( and make sure to use DarkRP Modifications (
And, for the last question, use TCB’s job generator. (

Hello soloisticorc2,

I was forwarded your post by one of my associates. I will do my best to try to answer these for you without being too bias.

1.) This question depends completely on what you are looking for. I would highly recommend DDoS protection and performance be a top priority. I cannot personally really explain this without being completely bias since I run a hosting company myself. One thing for sure, NFO was near top notch for performance but is very lacking when it comes to DDoS protection. DDoS wise, it all depends how big you want to get. If you want to only get in the top 500 then DDoS (source attacks really) isn’t that big of a deal unless you start pissing random players off.

2.) To give you the best overall stability, I would not recommend a VPS. Many server hosts also overload their servers to profit more. I would personally recommend either purchasing a dedicated machine which isn’t ideal until you want to host said 3 servers. You could also take a look at us, we do provide dedicated resources per server after all (I had to mention us once at least :)). Price wise we are also decently cheap.

3.) It’s all really similar. The only major difference is that Steam Workshop has really taken off. I would recommend that you don’t even consider things such as FastDL unless you want to run something with at least 5-10 maps or if you want clients to download blocked files such as fonts. It’s sort of hard to give you a in depth answer here. Your best bet is just to try to read the change-logs from major GMod updates. I also don’t know what you exactly knew from that point on.

4.) The best way to get any addon / game-mode is really Steam Workshop but since DarkRP updates very frequently, your best bet is Github. Here you are:

5.) From what I have heard, 99% of our clients at least still do everything by hand. I doubt that they would give that up for some tool.

6.) You can simply drag and drop the content onto your GMod root directory / addons / game-modes folder just as you would with a server. You would then start your own local session with the game-mode selected. I would highly recommend you do all developing locally.

It is quite late so I will be heading our of here shortly. I can answer any more questions that you may have if you wish.


Ertug Erdogan

1.) NFO is great, however DDoS protection isn’t that great, like ertug20 said. Most people don’t know what the fuck they’re doing when they try to DDoS anyway, so until you get a little more popular, NFO could do you some good.

2.) Why not? If your budget is good, do it.

3.) Not really, no, but I still recommend researching a bit about some of the new things if you’re rusty.

4.) Go to Falco’s Github. A simple search will take you there right away. Also use his DarkRP Modification addon. Yes, the addon is necessary.

5.) If you can’t code don’t host a server. Unless you’re rich, and can get people to code for you 24-7. Even then, I don’t recommend it. People can sneak shit into your code without you knowing, easily. Especially if you can’t code yourself.

6.) Using the client to test is recommended in my opinion. Why waste money on another server when you can do MOST of the testing on your client. Also, don’t listen to incompetent retards who say you cannot use bots on single player. Technically you can, just set it from “Singleplayer” to 2 or more player slots. Then you can spawn a bunch of bots to test your shit on. I do it all of the time.

Also - bots are useful as hell, do not listen when people say the aren’t. The bots maybe mental, but they serve a big purpose for administrative testing. Just letting you know.