I know, this is the contraptions subforum, not contraptions & contraption questions, but I doubt this would be answered in the actual help&support forum.

So, depending on how, if at all, assed anyone reading this is, I have one to two questions I’d like answered.

  1. why does my welded no-collided piece of contraption want to slowly spin around itself if it’s touching the ground?
  2. where should I ask questions like this?

further on 1: I put it more generally because I think this problem isn’t only with mech feet. Mine, however, is. All the pieces are no-collided with all the other pieces, and all the pieces are welded and adv. ballsocketed with free movement and 0-0 movement ranges to the hook.

It won’t spin if it’s in midair, but if it’s touching the ground, it’s making a scraping noise, with little “bang” sounds and the headcrab canisters twitch, and, as said, slowly turning around it’s vertical axis.

I tried only weld first, so it’s not the adv. ballsocket. i also tried rigid ropes, still spun. I figured it could be the weight of the generators that was pressing the headcrab canisters so that they tried to assume their welded position, but that just made it spin faster.


hmm…Im not sure I understand, did you ONLY use welds at first, with no ropes or ballsockets or anything? it’s entirely possible that you accidentally set the rope length to a negative number, cause the prop to try and collapse onto itself.

also, adv. ballsocket is something used to make a prop keep the same alignment as another, not something to keep them attached to each other.

EDIT: also, a video of the problem would also help alot, so we could get a better idea of what’s going on.

haven’t got fraps, and I’m not going to learn to use it just for this.

Maybe later though, if I ever actually get around to finishing the mech this foot is for.

I only used welds at first, yes.

Also, i know adv ballsocket isn’t something to keep props attached, that’s what the welds are for. What it is good for is, as you said, keeping the same alignment, and that’s just what I want. you probably know how “floppy” welds are. so those three headcrab canisters would act more like a trampoline than a stable foot. Adv. ballsocketing them so that they’re allowed to move, but not rotate relative to one another should make it more stable. It was a slight improvement to the floppiness problem, but no effect one way or the other to the spinning

as for more thorough explanation of what’s going on, it’s simply sliding around it’s vertical axis and the canisters twitch. It only appeared after adding the hook, but I can’t see why, since everything’s no-collided with everything (as in each of the props, not right click). Maybe something got to do with welding everything just to the hook? I’m being told that’s actually a good thing for stability.


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As much as I do appreciate the completely sincere and on-topic praise of my building skills, I’d also like the questions answered.

The title is not descriptive because technically this doesn’t belong here, BUT it doesn’t belong anywhere else any better, so this is as close as it gets. As I said, I wouldn’t get an answer to this on the general help & support forums. It’s called questions because instead of a contraption this is questions about a contraption

also, I’d still like to know where I actually can ask these kinds of questions without (rightfully) being accused of posting an off-topic thread

Now as for IAmAnooBs answer, how do I fix these weight issues? Even though you’ve got a more fitting name, I’m the noob here.

Utt = Out in swedish.

no it’s not. it’s with one t, and actually most of the time you see it as “ute”, which is a more common form of it in speech, and, if I remember correctly, that’s what exits read in swedish.

what’s up with all these CamelCaseLongNames? Anyways, ItWasNiceToKnow, got any actual advice?


Not that it would matter, I’m white.

secondly, there’s not much reason for me to leave, since just one person so far has asked me to, and I haven’t gotten a proper answer to my questions.

Unweld, unballsocket, uneverything. then weld it all together, put physical properties of rubber and make sure the canisters and whatever is touching the ground weighs more all together than stuff above it.
Also try shaking the crap out of it if somethings just glitching, that usually gets the pieces back in place.

Bad welding and no-colliding can cause a contraption to spin like that. Something is colliding with something else and needs to be no-collided.

I’d like to know the answer to question two aswell. Where can you ask things like that if not here? Im not the greatest builder and i know that but i want to get better and my net isn’t good enugh to go online reguarly and learn any tricks there so asking questions would really help but there isn’t many places.

if there is something touching something else and they aren’t nocollided, it will cause it to spin like that. Other than that, I have no idea. it really does sound like there is something you forgot to nocollide.

well I guess I’ll just freeze all the props, cleanup everything and re-do the no-collides and welds, plus get the weight stool, I’ve been thinking of getting it for a while now.