Is there a way for use the TF2 player models in Gmod?
Also, is there another way for use the unlockables?
I can’t give the specs, I don’t know them.

  2. Use the browse tab or the search bar.

TF2 Player Models-

TF2 Hats-

Unlockable props-

I have a question.
On my dark rp gamemode yea on some of my classes I made when you go onto the gamemode there models have there arms out and dont move there legs or anything, but you still can move yourself just the model doesent. Why does this happen because on some other server’s I use the models they do and there ones work. Why is this and how do I solve it.

no this happens because they are not meant to be models or your game dosn’t recongnize that they should be. They need to have code build in that makes there arms and legs move. The way you discribe them is there default when they have no other movements to mimic. Also you should make your own thread on this and not post on other peoples.