Hey guys, I have some few questions here.

  1. Is there a Source Engine limit for the number of bones you can use in a model, cause I’m animating a tank and each tread has its own bone.
  2. How can I compile(is there any special qc code?) a dynamic model with animations I can play in the map I’m making?
  1. I think it’s 32
  2. just make a normal prop with all the $sequences you want it to play

The limit on bones is separate for the collision model and the reference model. I have not been able to find limits for maximum bones in the reference model, but you are limited to 32 bones in the collision model, 25 if you want it used outside GMod.


Well the tank I’m working on has 99 bones and whenever I try to load it in hammer, I always get the “Too many verts for a dynamic vertex buffer” engine error, then Hammer crashes.

Here’s my tank animation. (Made with reactor)

Awesome anims.

128 bones, but only 32(?) can have collision joints.

Your Hammer error sounds like it’s about vertices, not armatures. What’s the vertex/triangle count?

12,179 for Polygons
7,589 for Vertices

Doesn’t seem to be near any limits. Are you adding more than a few to a map?

Try disabling animations in Hammer, if possible. That might be the problem.

I don’t have anything on the editor yet, and alright I’ll try that.