hi there, im new to Gmod (actually i bought the game only today) but i saw few Gmod tutorial videos in Youtube and i have few questions:

  1. where can i get this “Wire Mod”, and what is it?
  2. what is PHX?
  3. where can i download mods and stuff?

answer for third question download content from

Hmm well wire mod is hard for you to undesratnd if you dont understand basic gmod tools, but its basically a more advanced way to use the tools by connecting them with wires.
Phx is basically a model pack wich is handy for building contrations and as dano09 said you can get THOUSANDS of downloads ( not all that good ) off of

Wire mod is a simplified version of electronic systems (boolean logic, motors, etc) in GMod. You can use it to make automated, intelligent contraptions. In the same way electronics can bring a real-life contraption to life.

PHX is a set of props designed to fit together easily, roughly like Lego.

As for getting both wire and PHX, the only way is through the SVN, which takes some explanation, and I don’t know any tutorials to link to. Hopefully someone else will post one.

Hope this helps

Is a link if you haven’t noticed yet.

You can also download Phx3 - The most uptodate version at ,

but where can i GET this wire mod?

I don’t suppose you’d consider looking 3 posts above this one?

This should help you get the most upto date wire mod


Once you follow that just enter the phx3 svn link in the checkout



And from now on google any of you’re simple gmod queries

i have a question similar to the question at the very beggining of this thread. i have been playin gmod for about a year and i have Phx2. when i download an addon i put it in y addons folder and i do everything that the instructions tel me to do but none of the addons ever show up. Can somone please help me? oh and how do you put a NPC varient in gmod?

garrysmod/addons/addon/info.txt is it there?
If not, then make it be in that place.
Also reinstall.

ohh im really bad with that kind of stuff can you help me?

How do I know where to put these files once i download them?
I use winrar and i see bunches of files and no clue how to ADD them in the game… Is there an installer?

put the folder with Lua /models / materials folders and an info.txt into Addons. Or the easy and bad way - justa drag lua to lua (and others) in your main gmod folder if you REALLY can’t figure it out.

EDIT: it must have info.txt, otherwise drag & drop them to main gmod folder. The folders depend on the addon.