Queue Gamemode?

Well i was looking through the “Steam ID changing” threads and came accross lombax’s idea to semi-prevent it.

Like what pulsar effect did, i was wondering if some one could create a ‘Queue’ Gamemode, which is linked with un-listed servers, making enterance to them safer, more fair and organised.

     You spawn, a derma/VGUI menu comes up asking which server you would like to join, how many people are waiting to get in and average wait time. It should also be bount to a button as so people may switch what server to wait for.

 The main purpose of this script is to allow people to join *UN-LISTED* servers, which have a password.

I personally think this will help server owners who have alot of trafic on their severs. (Join spamming wise), and to semi-fix the serenity plague.

Thanks in advance.