quick! 7 things in a circle using X,Y

fast as any one can. what would be the X,Y for 7 things in a circle using 0,0 as one point.
please no value higher then 100. so i can scale it.

[lua]X^2 + Y^2 - rad^2 = 0 – the circle[/lua]

ax^2 + by^2 + 2gx + 2fy + c = 0

Center = (g , f) so g , f = 0

Rad = sqroot(g^2 + f^2 - c)

Then just compare the xpos and ypos of your object.

im sorry but that just went way over my head.

That’s the equation for a circle. Honestly given your first post it’s the best we can do. What exactly are you looking for?

im trying to arrange 7 holograms that will circle me using e2. i have it done other that the spacing of the holos are off seeing as i did the X,Y by guess and checking.

for(I=1,7) {
    CurPos = owner():shootPos() + vec(100,0,0):rotate(ang(0,360/7*I+curtime()*100,0))

how does that work? i tryed adding it to the code and change the I to an H with is what i use but nothing happens.

you know what im just going to post what i got.


tell me what im doing wrong

Change your wierd numbers (500+) to 1-7, put that code at the bottom of your e2, and it will work.
You don’t need to spam holoParent.

the 500+ is so it doesnt mess wiht my other holos it works like that.


for (I=500, 507) {

thanks that worked. and im guessing it will work for any amount or holos as long as i change the 360/whatever right?

Yes. And I forgot one more thing.
in the code it says “360/7I". But if I is 500-507 instead of 1-7, you’ll need to change that to "360/7(I-500)”