Quick and Simple Hammer Question

I’m doing my first attempt at making a house in Hammer, my one question is, what should the size of the walls be, height-wise?

Between 112 and 128 units high.

Best way to get proportions is to spawn the player start and compare the graphic to the item you are building. Also, use the dev textures, as they have the measurements on them.

Thanks, also how would I go about putting trim around doors and windows?

Ok, two things you can do as a new to hammer person, add me on steam (so the forums don’t get too cluttered) and watch tutorials, such as mine :slight_smile:

Learn how to use the clip tool, or build brushes around the windows. Should be about 8 units for a frame (ish). Reduce the grid size and make sure you are snapping to the grid.

Thank you again, but I do still have one more question that I can’t seem to find a tutorial for,but how do I change my grid size in Hammer, for me each square on the grid is 64x64 That is a bit much isn’t it? I can’t make stairs or anything like that when it is that big.
**THIS IS MY LAST QUESTION:**What is a good size for a single door, would 96 tall and 40 wide work?

to reduce/increase grid just use the buttons

Use the dev texture for the door, or create a prop_door_rotating and build around it. The dev textures had the dimensions written on them.