Quick Answers Please

1st Question: Is anyone able to load a spacebuild savegame (I use sb_gooniverse) and still have the environment variables visible (like temp) when they are in a bad environment (space)? I load a game, and fly into space, but no variables appear, but I start dieing eventually.

2nd Question: Can anyone load a resource or life support savegame and still be able to see the properties of those systems? When I load a savegame, the models are there, they can be turned off and on, but I can no longer see their comment boxes (like how much energy they have), and all resource nodes have had their screen removed.

Savegames haven’t worked for a long, long time.

Use Adv Duplicator instead.

If you aren’t using the SVN version of Adv Duplicator: It’s included in Wiremod. http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=688324