Quick couple of questions

Just ran into a problem on my server where whenever the server gets restarted two things are happening:

1.) dmg.godmode is getting set to true so whenever i login i have god mode on

2.) crafting.instant is being set to true so there is instant craft

Anybody know why all of the sudden this is happening? Thanks in advance, I appreciate the help.

crafting.instant is a server setting, so there must be that line in your server.cfg

The dmg.godmode shouldn’t be turning on automatically… I don’t know how that would toggle on by default.

Well, that’s what i thought too as far as the crafting.instant setting is concerned. However I checked my .cfg file and this I don’t see it anywhere.

// Your servers name
server.hostname "[US Dallas] |PvP Enabled|Sleepers|1/2Craft|Oxide|Location|"

// Setting save.autosavetime to under 240 is forbidden and will result in further cost. (Time in seconds)
save.autosavetime 600

// Choose if your server is player versus players (true = PVP, false = PVE)
server.pvp true

// The password you use to login to the remote console. DO NOT SHARE. DO NOT MAKE IT EASY TO GUESS.
rcon.password *****

// Makes people only able to join the server when they are in that steamgroup
server.steamgroup ""

// Truth Anti-Cheat (when set to true, people will be kicked for doing 'weird' things)
truth.enforce true

// Crafting
crafting.timescale .5

Someone may have gotten a hold of your rcon password? I dunno, just a thought.