Quick dislikes so far

  • Snow/desert. Total immersion killer linking them all so close together for me, grassy environments just look so much better. Not even sure what snow is for, who is going to build in snow? A different landscape per seed would be better, make each of them interesting and unique, don’t link.
  • The new item HUD down the bottom, bring back the transparent/clear borderless one please, new one is distracting and ugly
  • Footstep sound… should be an easy fix!

Biomes are nice, but the way it is now, I think a little too much. Like you say, just a vast grassy islands with forests would be nice with the addition of weather effects.

I think the HuD is to intrusive, since Garry himself said he didn’t want all that stuff in your face all the time.

Just googled royalty free sound efffects, theres plenty out there that sound alot better then the ones in game now.

The new hud is terrible. I’m sure it’ll be tweaked, but everything you craft gets its own crafting bar. When I mass produce 556 ammo or gunpowder, 1/4 of my screen is covered by crafting bars. Also, the health, blood, food and water bars aren’t necessary. They’re so freaking long and cover a good portion of the screen. Just give me color changing icons. Hell, I don’t even want them on my hud. Put the color changing icons in my inventory. All I want permanently to be shown is my hotbar and my health number. Everything else can be implemented into the inventory screen.

As for the biomes, I love them…but a less dramatic change would be nice.

I disagree with everything that has been said in this thread, especially the stuff said by OP. I agree with 1 point and that is when you’re making loads of ammo the progress bars on the screen can become a bit much. I think that should be consolidated into 1 progress bar followed by 2x, 3x, 15x ect for quantity.

or just have the crafting list visible in the inventory hud instead. have the “+1 556 ammo” popup still, since that doesn’t take up much room and informs you of your progress, but keep it clear.