Quick dying

Everytime i get a boost in ‘flying’ mode, i die, this happens when i fall >10 meters, can anyone help. I have tried a Dark RP server, and when i die, it says ‘You have to wait 1 second before starting again’. Can anyone help?

By “flying mode” do you mean noclip?

And by boost do you mean pressing shift whilst in noclip?


Uhhh, try reinstalling garry’s mod?

Can i just reinstall it without trying to move my current addons and maps?

Goto your steam/steamapps/accountname/garrysmod file.

Then the main garrysmod file. Right click. Click copy then goto desktop, rightclick on a empty area on your desktop and click paste.

You probably knew that i hope but what it does is literally back-up everything in your garrysmod so you can re-install it, THEN go back to your first garrysmod file then paste that file back in and over-write the existing root file so you then have all of your addons installed again.

It has to be some addon you’ve downloaded that adds falling damage. Try and remember which one it is and disable it.

It doesn’t kill you if you just sprint on the ground, right? Only when you noclip?

Sounds like what happens if RagMod is installed - it ragdolls you if you hit a certain speed limit. This can be turned off in RagMod’s settings. (It also has a get up delay, which sound uncannily similar to your description.)