[Quick Fix?] Can you make bushes/shrubs vanish when foundations are placed over them?

Or even better, just make part of the bush vanish when it goes past the border of a wall or foundation so inside is clear?

It would be fun to build a cabin inside a dense bush to hide, but if you do you currently have a house full of twigs. Same goes for simply building on top of small shrubs, they poke through the bottom of your foundations -sometimes making areas unusable. You can always build elsewhere but it’s not always an option (like if you have an established base and can only expand there), but besides, it should just be this way anyway right? Freedom and all that?

Please Gary, it would be a great help! If you could just make the bush invisible when it is covered -or invisible past a border of a wall/foundation so you could build inside bushes for cover it would be great and add some new places to build for camouflage.

Yes please. It’s very annoying that the only flat land in the whole biome just so happens to have a gigantic shrub bush on it. I like the scenary, I would like even more to pave over it to make more room for my mega parking lot.

you could have the entity remove itself from the map if it gets covered up. not actually a bad idea, given that as nice as they are in the open, they occlude your vision if you build on them and would really be trampled if they were built on.

of course in the mean time i guess the answer is don’t build near them;)