Quick Function Question

Small question about functions. How do I get a function like string.find(), which outputs the end and beginning places of characters in a string as two numbers, to only return the beginning value? I don’t care about the last one only the first, but I have no idea how to separate them.

local start,_ = string.find(BlahBlahBlah)

got it, and _ would be the place I put the position of the returned value?

[s]also, another small one, if I have this:

local string=abc
if string.StartWith(string, "ab") then
     print("oy vey fuker")
     print("i have no idea what im doing")

would I need to have something after the function on the ‘if’ line telling it to do that if it returns true, or does it automatically assume true means continue?[/s]
nevermind, checked the LUA users manual, can’t use return anywhere but the end of a block or something like that. thanks for the replies, leaving open for a minute just in case im wrong

_ is the endpos, we set it to _ since we don’t care about it.

return is used to stop the current block and eventually, if it is in a function, return data. In your case, when you run string.StartWith() StartString will return true or false.

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I think you don’t even have to set it, try removing ,_ to see if it works properly.

ohhh I see. Also I think if it returns multiple variables and you only have one variable to cache them, they’re both stored in that variable’s name

but thanks I get it now, if there are multiple variables I can cache them and separate the names I want to assign each of them with commas in the order they are returned

thanks again: solved