Quick help: Adding a lense to a sight

OK, so I’ve imported some weapon attachments from insurgency. They work perfect. However, several are lacking lenses. So what I’ve done is add two planes, each with normals opposite of the other, facing along the length of the gun. I gave them a custom material called the vtf file they should be using, and converted that into a .tga for testing in blender. It works perfectly in blender, and compiles without any errors. It compiles to the right place too, which I’ve checked by deleting the model and attempting to reload in HLMV. The problem is, for some reason, the lenses are invisible both in-game and in HLMV. What am I doing wrong?

well post your VMT

I wasn’t using the VMT in HLMV, so that isn’t the issue. Everything else was showing up as purple and black, besides this, which was invisible. Regardless, I’ll post it:

	"$basetexture"	"models\weapons\optics\kobra_dot"
	"$detail"		"models\weapons\optics\laser_noise"
	"$detailblendmode" "2"
	"$detailframe"	"0"
	"$translucent" 	"1"
	"$model"		"1"
	"$additive"	"1"
	"$nocull"		"1"
			textureScrollVar	$detailtexturetransform
			textureScrollRate	50
			textureScrollAngle 	180