Quick help on Headshot detection TTT

Hi guys

I’m very new to LUA and im getting a headache searching for what i need, mind helping me out a sec?

I have a “friend” who’s probably hacking, all i want is a simple script to post Headshot kills to admins. so i can verify that this guy is Hs’ ing every shot.

so far i have

hook.Add("PlayerDeath", "PlayerDeath.Headshot", function(pl)
	if pl.lastHitGroup && pl.lastHitGroup == HITGROUP_HEAD then
		RunConsoleCommand("ulx", "asay" "Headshot on %ply");

hook.Add("ScalePlayerDamage", "ScalePlayerDamage.Headshot", function(pl, hitGroup)
	pl.lastHitGroup = hitGroup

Problem with this, it doesn’t show who made the headshot and i would prefer it to ignore traitors (so it doesn’t spoilt it for admins)

[lua]RunConsoleCommand( “ulx”, “asay”, "Headshot on " … pl:Nick() )[/lua]

You forgot a comma in the function. And I don’t know if %ply works.