Quick little shootout - You judge

I upload anything to stop me being banned on servers now for accusations of aimbot etc, so I am always filming, here is the clip, want peoples opinions. I WILL BE POSTING ALL THE VIDEOS IN THIS THREAD :slight_smile: JUST LOOK BELOW FOR NEW VIDEOS!

if there is no aimbot, thats dam good shooting, dont what to come against you

Thanks for the input, no aimbot there, just a good example of how I shoot, and hopefully videos like this will stop me being banned :slight_smile:

looks clean to me, but hs = hax right? XD

Yep, that’s always the way, and considering I hit hs’s most of the times for my kills, it results in ‘you aimbot’

Looks clean to me, though the ‘peace’ comments are childish at best. Will most likely result in bans, and then you only have yourself to blame.

No recoil hack. Enjoy your ban.

Also, for the nooblets out there: not all wallhacks show up on recordings. Why? Because the wallhack is drawn to the screen using the framework (DirectX or whatever else) and the recording device may just record the client itself, and so no.

Full, they were my enemys of the server, it was like a mess around thing haha :slight_smile: We say it to each other each time we kill one another.

Also Black you’re stupid. You can see the recoil easily in the vid I just posted here.

My new video just uploaded, some more footage! :slight_smile:

Let me redirect your last bit because you seem to be a nooblet.

fire a shot and as you do, pull your mouse down a bit. You will notice it counteracts the recoil.

Your “no recoil” hack is existant in this video. It’s called Muscles v1.0 hands

Aww, how cute, you’re protecting your butt-buddy.

You don’t need a thread on the forums, Just send these vids to the server admin on the server you play on. All I see is boasting about your skills on here. I’m not saying they wasn’t nice shots, but it was just 3 kills…

If that video looked like hacking to you then I wonder how terrible you are at this game . Hopefully you aren’t an admin at least. My guess is you are a guy that probably played against the OP . The guy simply is a good shot . Why can’t some comprehend the fact that there are other people much better than them at certain stuff ?

I posted this here for the community to see, not just the admin. An yes, I was showing how I shoot in the game also. Kill count hardly matters, If you hit a 250m bolt action shot I dont expect you to hit 4 in a row, I was simply showing how I shoot daily on rust and wanted peoples opinions and stuff :slight_smile: Also, I’m going to be posting all of my videos I upload onto this thread for people to see.

Nice job man. Crazy how easy admins ban people these days.

People can’t handle the power;)

Glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile: It’s just a shame that players who can shoot half decent and are not known as ‘bchillz’ and his crew get banned just because they can aim, and people think only people who are known like that can. He gets banned still, but not as much when people recognise it’s him.

What do you want us to be the judge of? Being a good shot? You dont’ need to prove anything.

2 disagree, 5 dumb. wow black you are an opinionated bugger arent you:)

that’s fine. you are entitled to your opinon. but its a 50 second clip with nothing more than 3 kills and no logs etc, so that’s all it is, an opinion. it’s possible to control recoil in the game without resorting to hacks, and he is not only lining up each shot, he is firing single rounds…so i think it’s legit:)

Ignore the troll, he is dumbing every who posts anything lmao. I hardly ever full auto unless in very close quaters, I prefer to single tap and just speed up the single taps. If anyone is interested, you can see my steam profile - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198101447092/

Some retards are rating this post dumb with no knowledge of how esps work. Esps are a seperate window to the game client, which is run in windowed mode with the esp program overlaying it. By making fraps, bandicam and other programs only record the rust client’s window you can cheat and record it without the esp being shown at all in recordings.

for what its worth oxy, i think he’s getting dumb posts because he marks any opinion he doesn’t agree with “dumb” in almost every thread, and that it’s not reaally proof that he’s hacking. i understand the fact that hacks may not be recorded, i just am not convinced in this clip he is hacking:)