quick lua question.

--Background blur on control menu? (T/F)

local Background Blur CP = ( true )

local CTRLMM = vgui.Create( "DFrame" )
CTRLMM:SetSize( 300, 200 )
CTRLMM:SetTitle( "Main Menu" )
CTRLMM:SetBackgroundBlur( Background Blur CP )
CTRLMM:SetDraggable( true )
CTRLMM:ShowCloseButton( false )

for the " CTRLMM:SetBackgroundBlur( Background Blur CP ) " would that work? not sure.

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another quick one, in sublime how do i get rid of that white menu on the right?


No. Variables cannot have spaces in their names. “Background Blur CP” is not a valid identifier for a variable.

For the sidebar, I believe it’s ctrl+k then ctrl+b to toggle it.

shit wrong thread LOL

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so what would i write?

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http://imgur.com/OWvXMjj eh good enough

You can use what ever you want to use as long as it doesn’t have spaces or conflict with others, I typically create a table and put all my information in there. “MyTable.BackGroundBlurCP = true” would make it so you could call that from outside the file/function instead of it being local. For this you would have MyTable = MyTable or {}, obviously change MyTable to what you want to use.