I spent hours modifying a map and i am down to one last issue. There are these two textures drawing through the skybox. So on the ground you can see them.


ive tried putting a wall between the area textured with nodraw, skybox, and areaportal. Non of it works even a hollow wall between it.

you’re still drawing the visleaf where the brush is residing, properly check your areaportals and connecting visleafs

I am only a few months into hammer, pls explain what that means. I barely understand visleafs.

you’ve got a wiki with all the info you need
separate the areas better, and be sure not to run vvis on fast

but in the end, considering you did a downtown edit it’s probably fucked optimization wise anyway

You would think it would be fucked but believe me its near perfect original. Simply with undergrounds retrofitted in.

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Also i did have vvis on fast so will try normal.

the original has terrible terrible optimization to begin with, decompiling it makes it even worse.

and yes, that is usually the cause

Sure as hell after like 30 min compile, map no longer has the issue, thanks.