quick mapping question.

lets start with this-i was taught how to map, by a guy who has worked with source for 15 years. i know what im doing (for the most part)

also real quick that description of the mapping section no we dont know how to make water brought a smile to my face LOL

ok anyways, how do i make a map picture like some maps have in gmod, like in the singleplayer menu, some levels have pictures insted of the fuckin gray lines.

if you need more clarification i can post a picture.

I think you just have to make a png file with the same name as the map in the maps folder

If you are already familiar with texture/material creation, this should come in handy.

ah ok, thank you.

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so, my map is called gm_urbanfuckbox. so i put a png in the map folder called gm_urbanfuckbox.png. correct? and yeah i konw how to make materials. i was SO excited when i made my first one, might still have it.