Quick Model Porting Question

I know people have ported models from GTA IV to Garry’s Mod and I certainly know someone has tried to port some of the car mods for GTA IV to Garry’s Mod without success ( I think). Do you guys think it is possible to port something like GTA IV Car Modifications to be used in Garry’s Mod for cars? If not then could someone explain the reasons why. I’m sorry for asking this question I just needed to know. Because someone on a game-mode said they tried but failed and never gave reason why.

Somebody?? D:

Are you asking if custom cars can be ported for GTA IV?

No, I have a friend who’s doing exactly that right as we speak. Custom cars are invisible in the porting tool for some reason so it’s really pretty impossible to port them.

Yep I was.

Hrmm maybe it will be solved in the future from a work-around of some sort. Thanks!!