Quick Question about Binds in DarkRP

I’ve been wondering if I can bind a command to buy an specific Entity. For Example, some servers has that “Meth” thing, and going to the F4 Menu to buy all the stuff is really annoying, and I wanted to bind a command to buy those things, or to buy weapons quickly as a gun dealer. I Know that I can bind to buy ammo (bind “X” "say /buyammo 1 something like that), but that’s not what I’m looking for…

Yeah you can, but you need the buy command for the meth.

For example lets say you need Liquid Sulfur as a component, the buy command might be something like “/buyliquidsulfur” it will depend on what the command has been set as. I recommend you test a few times till you get it. bind would just be (bind x “say /buyliquidsulfur”)

I appreciate the reply :slight_smile: Thank you