Quick Question About Destroyable Houses

How would i do something like this, Mainly the entire building colapsing


Dammit stop posting a new thread for every single little question you have.

And just make the brushes you want to do that into func_breakable entities.

Make a brush, press ctrl-T call it func_breakable mess with the settings.
Be warned, too much func_breakables will cause lag in your map.

NOO, When the house takes to much damage the entire thing collapses

And put broken wall models inside the func_breakables.


If you meant like a phys map you shouldn’t have posted a video to something completely different.

For phys maps you need to make all the individual bits into func_physbox entities, check the “start frozen” flag and the “unfreeze after force limit reached” (or something) flag then set the force limit to about 100.

But how do i get the whole thing to collapse!?