Quick question about Garry's mod.

Hey guy’s erm im fairly new to Garry’s mod and to the product’s on steam and i have liked the look of this Garry’s mod. So i downloaded it with the counter stike source package as i have played counter stike before and liked it, My quick question is

Since i have downloaded the Garry’s Mod+ counter stike source package if i download team fortress 2 now on its own will i have the models/skins or will i have to mess about with the files and move them around abit?

I hope you understand what i mean as its a rather dodgy question. xD

EDIT* Also i found out there is a valave complete pack if i was to buy that would i also have the models and skins?

you get modelsskinstextures all that shit if you just download it.
the only thing you have to do is mount it, which is is gmod options.

that’s the simple click of a checkbox.

Yes, Once you have bought and downloaded the game, simple start up Gmod click “Gmod settings” and tick the box that says team fortress 2. Restart garrysmod and you will find you have all the Models and maps. (This also works for many of Valves game ala Portal, The half life series.)

Might I suggest The Orange Box?

5 games (all of which you can mount) for a dirt-cheap price.

Or even better, Valve complete pack. You will have EVERYTHING for GMOD, except Zeno Clash…