Quick question about scaling

What is the correct numbers to scale something 16x larger. Basically I have a prop_static(models/props_buildings/row_corner_2.mdl) building in my sky box and I want to make a phone line pole with the effect of cables going across to the buildings in the sky box. What I’ve done is create brushes roughly around the small sky box building and then move them over to the main map, I want the brushes to be 16x larger so I can get the cables in the right place. I’ll then delete the brushes.

I might be wrong, the scaled buildings for sky box are 16x smaller or is it 6x?

  1. ctrl + m>scale>16 in all 3 fields.

Hmm, 16 seemed to big. I’ll try again.


Yeah, it was 16. I guess I made one of the brushes too big. Cheers man!