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Ok guys,
I created a image in Photoshop and saved it as a .png, I then uploaded this to my website, the only problem is that it is not centered (see below).

I removed the website link and server name as I did not want people to think that I was trying to advertise here.

How would I go about centering it?

You need a script running on your site that maximizes the picture. Its html.

I can’t for the life of me remember where I got this from, but it works just fine for me. I despise HTML and Javascript, they make me rage. I probably found it from the url in the code, javascript.internet.com. I really don’t remember.
It auto resizes the image based on resolution, and then fills in the edges in black. However, this might make your image look weird for some people etc. Works great for mine, not for all.

Might want to change the color to be the same as that blue background your using. Probably change the URL to be your own as well, anyway here you go:



<!-- This script and many more are available free online at -->
<!-- The JavaScript Source!! http://javascript.internet.com -->

<!-- Begin
function showpic(src, w, h, alt, aln, pw, ph, bw, bh) {
if (src == null) return;
var iw, ih; // Set inner width and height
if (window.innerWidth == null) {
iw = document.body.clientWidth;
else {
iw = window.innerWidth;
ih = window.innerHeight;
if (w == null) w = iw;
if(h == null)  h = ih;
if(alt == null) alt = "Picture";
if(aln == null) aln = "left";
if(pw == null) pw = 100;
if(ph == null) ph = 100;
if(bw == null) bw = 24;
if(bh == null) bh = 24;
var sw = Math.round((iw - bw) * pw / 100);
var sh = Math.round((ih - bh) * ph / 100);
if ((w * sh) / (h * sw) < 1) sw = Math.round(w * sh / h);
else sh = Math.round(h * sw / w);
document.write('<img src="'+src+'" alt="'+alt+'" width="'+sw+'" height="'+sh+'" align="'+aln+'">');
// End -->

<body bgcolor="#000000"> 
<table width="100%" height="100%" valign="middle"> 

<script language="javascript">
showpic("http://bybservers.co.uk/rp1.gif", 16, 9, "A crows of people", "middle");

<!-- Script Size:  1.64 KB -->

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