Quick question about the 'Goodbye' entity.

I just wanted to ask quickly, what is the song that plays when the ‘Goodbye’ entity is used? It was so epic. :saddowns:

I would have asked in the ‘Your Favourite Toybox things’ thread but I didn’t want to megabump it.

Although I don’t know the song, the composer is Jasica Yeh.


Oh wow just tried it.

Made me sad.

If you want the music you can just go to your toybox folder and get it from there.

The stupid bouncy things seem to be gone (except for gman…), so please don’t leave?


You were good entities, but we must go.
Farewell on to your balloon journey. Someday, we might meet again.
But until then, goodbye.

:’( sniff… I could never get those bouncy ragdolls to work, anyway… sniffsniff